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  • Checking Freon pressures.

  • Make sure all wire connections are tight.

  • Check amperage draws on all motors, compressor, and all mechanical components.

  • Make sure all capacitors are reading the proper ratings.

  • Clean the outside of the systems condenser coil.

  • Flush and clean drain line.

  • Look over evaporator coil and blower wheel for contaminates. 

  • Make sure the system is functioning properly in both heating and cooling modes.

  • Check over all wellness of your A/C system.

What's Included:

  • Maintains the A/C systems factory warranty

  • Can improve air quality

  • Decreased chance of a system breakdown

  • Decreased chance of costly repairs

  • Keeps the system running like it was installed yesterday

  • Gives homeowners the peace of mind knowing there A/C system has been properly inspected, to insure year long comfort.

Benefits of Maintenance:

  • Clean and sanitize evaporator coil

  • Clean and sanitize blower wheel

  • Install a UV Light system

  • Spray a cleansing deodorizer in the return air duct

  • Replace ineffective or tore duct work causing airborne bacteria inside your home.

Additional Services:

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